What We Do

MBDP is not only a program of activities. It is a way of enhancing the quality of life for an individual who has memory impairment or dementia, not just for a brief 30-minute period of time but across the entire spectrum of their daily activities.  MBDP is a life-changing philosophy which can make a distinct and positive difference in the life of someone with memory impairment.

 Following multi-faceted evaluations by our staff and the client’s family, we create a repertoire of activities designed specifically for each person based on strengths, needs, interests, values and abilities. We use familiar items and scenarios in order to help the clients re-cue on past memories. Caregiver interaction with the activities is encouraged and can greatly enhance the interaction between family members (or staff of a facility) and the client. Benefits from these interactions can include a reduction of anxiety, becoming more social, and an improvement in procedural memory. 

 Memory at Work enjoys working with individual clients in their own homes. We also work with individuals and small groups in facilities, complementing existing activity programs.  We can also work with facility staff and with families, explaining the philosophy and training them in the use of MBDP.  We provide a wide range of flexible options tailored to meet the needs of both the client and the caregiver.